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One Hundred and Twenty-Seven Haiku

Automatic music for computer
May, 2009

About the piece

Constructed using SuperCollider, One Hundred and Twenty-seven Haiku is a development of pSY and its products The Copenhagen Interpretation (1998-1999) and Ambience (2002) and the more recent Many Worlds (2008). The former used custom made software made with Visual Basic to control Yamaha SY synthesisers. The latter used SuperCollider to control similar TG77 synths. One Hundred and Twenty-Seven Haiku uses SuperCollider to do everything: design and generate the sounds as well as decide when to play them and what they should play.

128 Haiku Photo courtesy of Tim Regan

Performances and Publications

(2008) Many Worlds
Semi-automatic music for Yamaha TG synthesiser and computers
Kettles Yard, Cambridge, 11th May
info: http://rhoadley.net/comp/manyworlds.php
audio: http://rhoadley.org/sounds/manyworlds/ManyWorlds05n.mp3

(2009) One Hundred and Twenty-Seven Haiku
Automatic performance/composition with custom software
Kettles Yard, Cambridge, 10th May
info: http://rhoadley.net/comp/haiku/index.php
audio: http://rhoadley.net/sounds/127/127Haiku_128k_090507_101239.mp3

(2010) One Hundred and Twenty-Eight Haiku
Automatic performance/composition with custom hardware and software.  
Kettles Yard, Cambridge, 9th May
info: http://rhoadley.net/comp/128haiku/index.php
audio: http://rhoadley.net/sounds/128/128HaikuLive.m4a

(2011) One Hundred and Twenty-Seven Messages
Crowdsourced composition and performance controlled by mobile devices.
Presented at 'Sounds Like Mobility' Conference, Cambridge, 17th May
Commissioned through 'Enterprising Academics' scholarship

(2011) A principled approach to developing new languages for live coding
Samuel Aaron, Alan F. Blackwell, Richard Hoadley and Tim Regan, 
Proceedings of NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression), Oslo
(ISBN: 978-82-991841-7-5)

(2011) Analysis of algorithmic music generated through physical embodiment
Seventh International Conference on Music Since 1900/International Conference of the Society for Music Analysis, University of Lancaster, July

(2010) Towards embodied control of algorithmic music
Music and Numbers, Canterbury Christ Church University, 14 - 15 May
(Abstract published in ISBN 978-1-899253-76-0)

One Hundred and Twenty-seven Haiku by rhoadley

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Haiku Generator

The Generator was originally designed and copyrighted by AHA! Software Inc., Victoria, BC, Canada and can be found here.

One plan is to display the haikus while the piece is being performed, ad libitum. It's possible that I'll try to find a way for the haikus to actually influence the performance of the piece.