(2015-6, in progress) Choreograms, a music-text-dance piece
Music and programming Richard Hoadley amongst others, dance Jane Turner, text Phil Terry

– Performance at Colchester Arts Centre, Wednesday March 8th 2017
– Performance at Conway Hall, Friday March 3rd 2017
– Performance at Chelmsford Festival of Ideas, Saturday November 12th 2016
– Performance at The Globe, Albany Road, Cardiff, Thursday October 6th 2016
– Performance (Semaphore/Choreograms chimera) at AHRC Commons, York University, 21st June 2016
– Performance at New Cut, Saturday 7th May 2016, Halesworth, Suffolk
– Performance at Hoadley, Hall and Brown, Saturday April 23rd 2016, Anglia Ruskin University.
– Performance Early Dance Circle Bienniel Conference, friday 8th april 2016, high wycombe

The piece is primarily composed in the music programming environment, SuperCollider.

This piece uses the software INScore and Guido significantly, both currently being developed by the Grame Computer Music Research Lab.
– More information on INScore.
– More information on Guido.

See also: Calder’s Violin, Fluxus, Fluxus Tree