Semaphore, October 2014, performance 1, v2 from Richard Hoadley on Vimeo.

Comments from audience members:

    “I really enjoyed the performance… it was interesting to watch the dancers ‘create’ the music.”

    “I came because of a fondness for dance but … there is so much to take in here that it was useful to have to have two performances of the piece… Another couple of renditions would have permitted me to take in fully the choreography, the score, the text and the interaction of all the elements.”

    “It was beautiful”

    “Really engaging and interesting… Performance was captivating”

    “it was great, and I wish more events had a discussion and then second performance format, that worked well”


An interesting edit of the day’s rehearsals and performances shot and edited by Krisztian Hofstadter.

Semaphore at the Festival of Ideas website

‘Semaphore’ works between dance, music and text. It is a collaboration between the choreographer Jane Turner, the poet and writer Philip Terry and the musician, composer and technologist Richard Hoadley.

The primary focus is on live processes, data from the dancers’ movements are used to trigger and modulate text, audio and music notation. This is in turn performed and in some cases fed back to the dancers whose movements are then influenced by the music and text, and so on. Ideally, there is a balance between gesture, whether based on movement, music or text and the resulting translation that is not too trivial but is also not so remote that the origin and its result do not feel connected at all.

Semaphore, October 2014, performance 1 from Richard Hoadley on Vimeo.

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