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Sul ponticello

Mid 18th century; earliest use found in James Grassineau (c1715–1769). From Italian ponticello bridge of a stringed instrument, little bridge from post-classical Latin ponticellus little bridge, alteration (after classical Latin -ellus -ellus [suffix]) of classical Latin ponticulus little bridge (from ponti-, alternative stem of p?ns bridge + -culus).


Ut queant laxis resonare fibris
mira gestorum famuli tuorum,
Solve polluti labii reatum,
Sancte Ioannes.

YouTube recording with the notation.

Ut queant laxis resonare fibris
mira gestorum famuli tuorum,
solve polluti labiis reatum,
sancte Joannes.

Nuntius celso veniens Olympo,
te patri magnum fore nasciturum,
nomen, et vitae seriem gerendae,
ordine promit.

Ille promissi dubius superni
per didit promptae modulos loquelae;
sed reformasti genitus peremptae
organa vocis.

Ventris obstruso recubans cubili,
senseras Regem thalamo manentem:
hinc parens, nati, meritis, uterque,
abdita pandit.

Fibers can be loosened
the wonderful acts of your servant
loosen the guilt of clean lips
St. John.

The lofty messenger coming from Olympus
that you would be born to a great father
name and career sequence
the order of your destination.

He doubted the promise of the heavens
he delivered by means of prompt measures of speech;
but thou hast restored it, begotten the slain
the organs of the voice.

My stomach clogged, reclining on the bed
the King had felt abiding in the chamber;
hence the parent, the son, the merits, both
it reveals hidden things.