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MaxMSP Tasks

The Tasks

The projects and tasks are designed to help you through the various courses and materials that you'll have to deal with, and also to provide an active and practical element to what could otherwise become a rather dry and technical exercise. Tasks are small exercises - you may be asked to complete one or two per week. Projects are larger and carry a higher percentage of the mark. We will undertake two, three, four or more projects and tasks. The final project is usually an individual choice project, and will be worth significantly more than the others in terms of percentages in your portfolio. We will usually try to set aside a time to perform the projects in a public setting.

Currently Available Tasks

MaxMSP Tasks

  1. Speech.php
    A look at a number of speech based synthesisers and editors.

  2. max-for-live.php
    This task involves integrating Max patches with Ableton Live environments, as well as investigating other ways of controlling one application from another, for instance controlling a Logic synth or device with Max or Supercollider. There are some provisional examples of this here: http://rhoadley.net/courses/tech_resources/max-msp/tutorials/communicating_with_logic.zip

  3. Granularisation.php
    A task involving the granularisation and reformation of soundfiles and buffers.

  4. Getting-Help.php
    Knowing how to get help is one of the most crucial aspects of learning how to use any software, and particularly complex environments such as Max/MSP.

  5. pd_csound_chuck.php

  6. External-Objects.php
    External objects are a fundamental part of Max/MSP. They are routines that users and developers have created to either do something new, to do something that is available in other software but not in Max, or to do something simple and that one could do otherwise in Max, but one can do it more easily and/or more quickly with a custom object.

  7. Making-Mistakes.php
    While it may sometimes appear that you are entirely at the mercy of luck as to whether something works or not in Max, there are things that you can do to help diagnose why things aren't working.

  8. Munger.php
    Munger~ is a Max/MSP external that granularises an input according to certain parameters. It's especially interesting to us as the external has been ported to SuperCollider and we'll spend some time comparing the two implementations and their effectiveness.

  9. computer-vision.php
    This task involves introducing some objects involving computer vision.

  10. intermedia.php
    This task involves investigating, analysing and imitating a particular musical approach and style.

  11. guided_study.php
    Guided study week – a chance for you to deepen your understanding of what we're doing.

  12. Breakbeat-Cutting.php

  13. controllers.php
    This task involves introducing some objects involving controllers.

  14. Fiddle-Bonk-Gate.php
    Using the parameters of one sound (pitch, amplitude or envelope, etc.) to control those of another.

  15. controllers

  16. Pick-Your-Own.php
    Choose one of the following tasks to undertake. Be careful as you may well want to use this task as the basis for your Max/MSP Project...

  17. MaxAlg

  18. MBrola.php
    MBrola is a public-domain voice synthesiser. A version of the MBrola engine has been rendered for use in Max/MSP.

  19. PD.php
    An introduction to Pure Data.

  20. Max-Synth01.php
    Investigate some of the ways of using synthesis methods in Max.

  21. breaking_glass_resources

  22. Voice.php
    A look at a number of speech based synthesisers and editors.

  23. breaking_glass.php
    This task involves an idea based on granular procedures.

  24. Max-Alg01.php
    Investigate algorithms and algorithmic methods in MaxMSP.

SuperCollider Tasks

  1. Getting-Help.php

  2. Algorithmic_SC_02.php
    Some techniques involving Algorithms and Generative Composition.

  3. Algorithmic_SC_03.php
    Some techniques involving Algorithms and Generative Composition.

  4. Algorithmic

  5. Live-Coding.php
    Manipulate buffers (samples) and synthesis live within Supercollider.

  6. Algorithmic.php
    Some techniques involving Algorithms and Generative Composition.

  7. Munger.php
    NB Archived Task

  8. beatcutting_in_sc.rtf
    \cf0 \

  9. Controllers.php
    Use a variety of controllers to operate Supercollider, including the keyboard, MIDI Controllers and a Gameboy type thingy and a Wii.

  10. beat-cutting_sc.php
    Beat-cutting through code... (in preparation).

  11. UGens.php
    Utilising different UGens...

  12. algorithms.zip