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MaxMSP Projects

The Projects

The projects and tasks are designed to help you through the various courses and materials that you'll have to deal with, and also to provide an active and practical element to what could otherwise become a rather dry and technical exercise. Tasks are small exercises - you may be asked to complete one or two per week. Projects are larger and carry a higher percentage of the mark. We will undertake two, three, four or more projects and tasks. The final project is usually an individual choice project, and will be worth significantly more than the others in terms of percentages in your portfolio. We will usually try to set aside a time to perform the projects in a public setting.

Currently Available Projects

  1. External-Interface.php
    Create a patch that manipulates Max/MSP through some sort of external interface, such as a games controller, a glove, sensors, etc.

  2. Modulate_One_Source_with_Another.php
    Take two inputs, whether live or recorded - for instance, a sound file of someone reading a poem, and a live input of someone playing an instrument - and modulate one aspect of the latter with one aspect of the former...

  3. Realtime-Composition-Library.php
    Create a patch that exploits Karlheinz Essl's Real-time Composition Library. (These are primarily MIDI (and therefore numerically) based.

  4. MaxMSP-SuperCollider.php
    Create a patch in Max/MSP or SuperCollider and then duplicate it as nearly as you can in the other environment.

  5. Individual.php
    This is a project where you decide, in consulation with your tutor, which area of audio composition or development you wish to focus on. You can use the other projects (which are themselves only ideas and suggestions) to give you some indications as to what you might wish to undertake.

  6. Fiddle-and-Bonk.php
    Create a patch that exploits the use of Fiddle~ and Bonk~. These objects use audio in and so are most appropriate for projects involving live performers.

  7. Simple-Granularisation.php
    This project involves the construction and manipulation of recorded sound through the process called granularisation - basically, the breaking down of a recorded digital sound into its samples and working with them. The technique allows for a wide variety of manipulation.

  8. Live_Performer_Interaction.php
    Create a patch that uses Max/MSP to enhance or modify a live performance.

  9. Breakbeat-Cutting.php
    Breakbeat cutting is the use of samples, usual of a percussive nature. These samples are commonly looped and then 'cut' in various ways: so, for instance, a four beat sample is divided into four beats and these beats are then separately looped and rearranged, etc.

  10. Numbers_and_Music.php
    Create a patch that exploits the use of numbers. I'm primarily thinking of 'pitch', but you might come up with something else.

  11. Something-From-Nothing.php
    This project involves the construction and manipulation of a simple Max/MSP object. You may choose which one you use, but it should be built-in and be not very complicated. Then you create something interesting using only that as a sound source.

  12. Text_to_Music.php
    Create a patch that takes in text (letters, words, even audio in), and outputs music...

  13. MBrola.php
    As an explanation of MBrola, take a look at the following:

  14. Voices.php
    The synthesis and manipulation of voices and voice sounds has been one of the key interests of Musicians since the earliest developments of electronic music.