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Calder's Violin (2011-2022)

automatic music for violin/flute/'cello, etc. and computer






Frequently Asked Questions for performers

  • There are no wrong notes!
  • There are no automatic cautionary acceidentals. Accidentals should be interpreted strictly, but don't worry too much;
  • Sometimes notation will disappear before you have finished. Feel free to stop or play what you can remember (or a combination of the two). If new notation appears, you may move onto that or complete what you remember before moving on;
  • During the chromatic/microtonal passages feel free to use the notation as a guide or hint, or semi-improvise as appropriate;
  • Some passages include incomplete triplet/tuplet notations. Don't worry about trying to play these precisely, but they can be used to prompt 'disruptive' rhythms;
  • Trills may be played from the notated pitch to the semitone or tone above (or even more if appropriate);
  • You can use the gradual note-by-note appearance of the notation to give an indication of performance tempo, whether or not this equates to the given duration values.
  • Length of notes, particularly trills, etc., is discretionary and can be freely interpreted.

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