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upcoming and recent events

performance: choreograms chelmsford festival of ideas, saturday november 12th 2016
workshop: choreograms workshop cambridge festival of ideas, 29th october 2016
workshop: choreograms workshop chelmsford festival of the senses, 1st october 2016
workshop: notating, performing and interpreting musical movement workshop icmc 2016, hku university of the arts utrecht, 12th-16th september 2016
poster: how to play the piano icmc 2016, hku university of the arts utrecht, 12th-16th september 2016
performance: calder's flute - performance by ming wang of new version for flute and computer (calder's flute) sound and music computing conference (smc2016), hamburg, saturday september 3rd 2016
paper: (2016) intersemiotic translations and live notations in dance, music, poetry and graphics music and visual cultures conference, maynooth university, ireland, 21st-23rd july 2016
paper: (2016) live performance with live scores fourth performance studies network international conference, bath spa university, 14th july 2016
live coding, live notation, live performance demonstration and performance of parts of edge violations music and programming - richard hoadley; clarinets: ian mitchell; electronic visualisation and the arts (eva), covent garden, london, 12-14 july 2016
demonstration: notating movement musically third international symposium on movement and computing, thessaloniki, greece, 5th-6th july 2016
performance: choreograms/semaphore ahrc commons york university, 21st june 2016
photo credits: chris frazer-smith, julio d'escrivan, chris owen, richard hoadley, jane turner, kris hofstadter, tom hall,
mateus almannai, sarah-jane vaughan, honor parkinson, etc.