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Frames and framing

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The frame seems to be an almost inevitable feature of human experience. Whatever we do, we tend to frame it in one way or another - actions that seem perfectly natural in one setting are hideously inappropriate in another - each situation can be seen as a frame giving a context to an action. In order to appreciate theatrical plays or opera properly, you have to employ what has been called the suspension of disbelief - you know what you're seeing isn't real, isn't real life, but that doesn't stop you experiencing the play imaginatively as if it was. This is often how frames operate.


Empire of Lights

La Condition Humaine
The classic Magritte framing picture.

L'assassin Menace
when not using frames explicitly, Magritte would frequently use other sorts of frame to point out, often unusual, incompatible features.

Le Sihcle des Lumihres


The Human Condition, 1935

The Surprise Answer

La Grande Famiglia 1963

Souvenir da un Viaggio

The Surprise Answer

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