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Luciano Berio

Indicative works: Omaggio a Joyce (tape) (1958), Visage (tape) (1961), Sequenza No 3 for Woman's Voice (1965-6), Laborintus 2 (1965), Sinfonia (1968-9), Folk songs (1964/1973), Points on the Curve to Find (1974)

Very prominent Italian composer. He developed a particular interest in music for the voice and possibly as a result of this, an interest in more dramatic aspects of music, often including elements of acting and recitation in choral and instrumental music.

See also Postmodernism, especially with regard to Claud Levi-Strauss.

Quotes in Sinfonia: Mahler, Symphony No 2.

Sequenza 3 (rm)

Sequenza 3 (mp3)

See also, in relation to Laborintus 2, Busqueda by James MacMillan.

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Berio Techniques

Typical Berio compositional techniques include: